Inter-Con Security Acquires Peacemaker National Training Center

Press Release

December 30, 2020

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PASADENA, CA, Dec. 30, 2020 — Inter-Con Security Systems, Inc. (“Inter-Con”), a global provider of premium security services, announced today the acquisition of the Peacemaker National Training Center (“Peacemaker National”) in Glengary, West Virginia. The acquisition of this world-class training facility positions Inter-Con as the industry leader in the provision of fully-customized, highly sophisticated security and training services.

At 800+ acres, Peacemaker National is one of the largest private shooting complexes on the Eastern Seaboard and is home to dozens of different ranges and training structures designed for handgun, mid- and long-range rifle, as well as shotgun training. Peacemaker National’s venues include two 1,000-yard rifle ranges and shooting areas used for numerous shooting events and competitions throughout the year. Inter-Con will continue these rich traditions and expand Peacemaker National’s offerings to include new shooting and training facilities. 

“The acquisition of Peacemaker reflects Inter-Con’s commitment to providing superior security services to clients  whose needs go above and beyond the abilities of traditional guarding companies,” stated Henry Hernandez,  President of Inter-Con. “Not only will we see immediate gains through greatly expanded training offerings, but we  will also see significant cost savings by eliminating the need to rent classrooms, training spaces, or shooting ranges.” 

Inter-Con will support and grow Peacemaker National’s membership of 2,200 as well as expand the facility’s  offerings to further enhance the member experience. Peacemaker National’s members can look forward to fully  renovated shooting areas, upgraded armory offerings, and enhanced lounges to rest in between sessions.  Peacemaker’s previous owner, Jennifer McCulloch stated, “Since the inception of Peacemaker over a decade ago,  we’ve been dedicated to training responsible citizens to be safe and proficient with firearms. We’ve also been a major driver of economic growth in Berkeley County and the surrounding area. We’re excited to see that our employees,  members and many sponsors will continue the tradition of Peacemaker through Inter-Con.” 

About Inter-Con 

Inter-Con Security Systems, Inc. is a global provider of fully customized, high-touch integrated security solutions.  With over 30,000 employees performing services across North America, South America, Europe, and Africa, we are  one of the largest security companies in the world. Inter-Con’s core business focus is providing embedded security  solutions for sophisticated clientele whose needs exceed the capabilities of traditional security companies. 

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