Security guard screens man with metal detector in lobby of department of state building

Screening & Access Controls

Inter-Con offers a variety of screening and Access Control Services that can be scaled to fit the need of any program. We offer screening and Access Control Services for people, packages, and vehicles.


Inter-Con provides high-requirement individual screening services for an expansive portfolio of high-profile and highly-sensitive locations for the Federal government, as well as the private sector. Magnetometer and x-ray machine screening solutions are available for our clients in their various physical locations and hosted high-profile special events.


We provide comprehensive C-TPAT compliant mail and parcel screening services. Whether the practice is scaled to the entire building, or limited to specific personnel levels, our staff efficiently and effectively inspect, test for and report suspicious items.


Our team of highly-trained vehicle security personnel inspect all vehicles for suspicious persons and items, including but not limited to explosives, weapons, narcotics, and other illicit or impermissible items. This service can be easily incorporated into a client’s daily security operations or implemented for select special events.


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and in line with our commitment to safety at all times, Inter-Con’s premium-quality Access Control Services now includes fully scaled COVID-19 Screening Services. The service is available as a stand-alone commitment, or as an enhancement to existing Access Control Services contract. Thanks to our portfolio of best-in-class screening devices and assessment software, Inter-Con is also able to accurately and efficiently manage the service remotely as needed. Inter-Con provides frontline screeners and licensed medical professionals with best-in-class screening technology and software.

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