Concierge receptionist with phone sitting behind desk at inter-con security building

Concierge Services

Every client should feel welcome and secure the moment they enter their workplace. Inter-Con’s Concierge Program ensures our clients feel prized and protected, not policed.

Concierge/Receptionist Program

Inter-Con’s Concierge/Receptionist Program ensures every client is welcomed and secure the moment they enter their workplace. Our Receptionists are fully trained in both customer service as well as all relevant security and safety measures to deliver an optimal guest experience and management service. Our personnel undergo comprehensive training, covering wellness procedures, security threat detection, de-escalation, and response techniques. While our offering is 100% tailored to our clients’ unique needs, our Receptionists are available to perform the following responsibilities, and more, as needed:

  1. Greet and process all personnel and visitors, administering appropriate badge identification, and providing assistance when necessary;
  2. Answer all incoming calls, appropriately directing callers and logging voicemails;
  3. Report/monitor suspicious persons, calls, and/or events, in coordination with negotiated client contracts;
  4. Additional duties (i.e. parking validation, package tracking, security access/video monitoring), as required;
  5. Assist in emergency safety/security response efforts.

At Inter-Con, we provide premium services at sustainable prices. We do this by tailoring our services to our client’s specific security, operational, cultural, and budgetary needs. In addition, we provide all necessary training for our Receptionists, ensuring each Receptionist is licensed as a Security Officer and receives comprehensive security, safety, and customer service training in addition to any further training our clients may require. Not only does this approach provide our clients with fully-trained Receptionists, who seamlessly assimilate into unique workplace environments, but it also ensures major reductions in long-term program costs while providing a safe office environment.

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