Covid-19 screening inside building as security guard stands on watch

COVID-19 Screening Service

Inter-Con’s COVID-19 Screening Service is tailored to align with our clients’ unique cultures, operational demands, and security requirements, while minimizing the degree of operational friction at physical locations and maximizing safety for our Officers.

Inter-Con’s normal operations require work in high-traffic areas with a high degree of exposure to the public, so many of the measures that permit other entities to limit the exposure of their personnel are unavailable to Inter-Con staff. Consequently, we will treat illness prevention as an important element of our security program and will exercise a high level of company and personal vigilance in the daily performance of assigned duties and responsibilities. Our COVID-19 procedures ensure that our Officers are not only protected with the proper equipment but also with the proper training from COVID-19.

Inter-Con views any issue that might compromise 100% staffing as a direct security concern. Therefore, the company will treat pandemic training and education with the same professionalism as it does any other training. Through post inspection and contract communications, Inter-Con will provide on-going pandemic and illness-prevention training with all officers, including:

  • Distributing flyers, posters, and other written communication, quarterly at a minimum in coordination with regularly scheduled refresher training
  • Providing informational seminars, as required Inter-Con also will add pandemic and emergency management information on its corporate website, to include use of an open line of communication with an 800 number that all employees can use 24/7 for questions, comments, or information.

We promote illness prevention within our Officer force by equipping them with the proper training and equipment for personal hygiene and illness prevention to mitigate risk of COVID-19 exposure. In collaboration with Concentra, our occupational health services provider, Inter-Con’s training will include:

  • “Cover the Cough” and proper hand washing
  • Signs and symptoms of illness
  • Encouraging employees to remain at home when sick
  • Separating ill employees from other employees, where possible, until they may be returned home
  • Handouts, training, and regular retraining about illnesses
  • Training in proper use of preventive measures such as hand sanitizers, and emergency measures such as PPE

Antiseptic wipes also are a part of preventative measures, to include cleaning surfaces and items that are more likely to have frequent hand contact; and frequently cleaning all commonly touched surfaces in the workplace, such as workstations, telephones, countertops and doorknobs. Officers will follow manufacturers’ recommendations when using these cleaning agents.

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