Corporate Values

Integrity & Trust

We treat our clients’ people and assets as if they were our own, ensuring they feel Prized & Protected, Not Policed.


We cultivate a diversity of perspectives to ensure everyone has a voice and provide high-quality training, resources, and management to position our employees for success.


We strive for simpler solutions to better secure our clients and deliver enhanced value, rather than complex solutions that invite unnecessary risk.

Commitment & Stability

We are 100% dedicated to our clients’ missions over the long-term, prioritizing our ongoing partnerships, rather than short-term profits.

Transparency & Collaboration

We provide real-time performance visibility across our contracts to maintain proactive account management and partnership with our clients.


We treat every contract as an opportunity to improve our services and innovate with our clients.


We actively listen to our clients as well as the market and react with great speed.

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