Global Presence

For 41 years, Inter-Con’s evolution has been exclusively organic. Our geography, size and expertise have increased one customer at a time—without merging or acquiring another security company to promote growth. As a result, we have succeeded in providing our clients with a consistent high quality standard and brand across the globe. From Anchorage, Alaska to Santiago, Chile—from the Gulf of Guinea to the western Pacific, we provide the same personalized service delivered by our highly qualified security professionals.

Our key markets are the United States, Latin American and Africa. Throughout these markets, our operations are fully supported by our multi-lingual, Pasadena-based upper management and administrative support staff that have strong, real-world knowledge of each market.

In the U.S., we are licensed in all 50 states and U.S. territories. Throughout Latin America, Inter-Con is a major player in all Spanish-speaking markets. In Africa, our operations are built around the highly unstable regions of West and North Africa. In all these markets, we distinguish ourselves from our competitors by directly supporting our network of satellite offices with the expertise of our upper management located at the headquarters in California.

Inter-Con has a long and varied history of service in Europe, from protecting U.S. diplomatic mission facilities in Lisbon, Portugal to safeguarding the U.K. office and supporting the mission of one of the world’s largest foundations. We are able to offer our customers a full range of services in every corner of the world.

Our global support is founded on a long-term strategy that is developed with and tailored to each individual market. This strategy translates into seamless regional coordination in four key areas: contract administration, client relations, standardized methodologies and internal audit. This support is enhanced with our expert capacity to respond to ad-hoc security, labor, and emergency needs. Each satellite office has a management structure that functions as a standalone, autonomous entity to manage each of the security programs within its region.